Year: 2017 Source: Archives of Suicide Research.(2017). 21(1):138-154. SIEC No: 20170124

This study reports the outcomes, during follow-up, of a low-cost postcard intervention in a Randomized Control Trial of hospital-treated self-poisoning (n = 2300). The intervention was 9 postcards over 12 months (plus usual treatment) versus usual treatment. Three binary endpoints at 12–24 months (n = 2001) were: any suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, or self-cutting. There was a significant reduction in any suicidal ideation (RRR 0.20 CI 95% 0.13–0.27), (NNT 8, 6–13), and any suicide attempt (RRR 0.31, 0.06–0.50), (NNT 35, 19–195), in this non-western population. However, there was no effect on self-cutting (RRR -0.01, -1.05–0.51). Sustained, brief contact by mail may reduce some forms of suicidal behavior in self-poisoning patients during the post intervention phase.

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