Year: 2018 Source: General Hospital Psychiatry. (2018). Published online 10 August 2018. SIEC No: 20190036

The aim of this study was to further evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of the Teachable Moment Brief Intervention (TMBI).
A single blind, pilot randomized controlled trial of the TMBI + care as usual (CAU) compared to CAU was conducted for patients who survived a recent suicide attempt that required medical inpatient hospitalization. The intervention was delivered on medical/surgical and inpatient psychiatry units in the medical center. Interviews were completed at baseline, 1, 3, and 12 months.
Patients reported high ratings of satisfaction with the TMBI. Interventionists representing fields of Psychiatry, Social Work, and Counseling were able to deliver the intervention with fidelity to the treatment manual with equal adherence ratings. The TMBI patients were more likely to maintain a positive recovery trajectory on motivation and engagement in mental health services at 3 months.
The TMBI provides an option for targeted intervention to health care providers as they engage patients admitted to an acute medical setting after a serious suicide attempt. This is the second pilot study demonstrating enhanced motivation in the post-hospitalization period.