Year: 2022 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2022). 26(1), 70-80. SIEC No: 20220266

This study assessed potential correlates to past-year suicide ideation among a national sample of transgender adults in the United States. A secondary analysis of the 2015 Transgender Survey was conducted. The 2015 Transgender Survey is the first and largest survey assessing health behaviors among transgender individuals living in the United States. Participants were recruited by several methods (e.g., social media, random sampling, photobooth campaigns. Weighted logistic regression analyses adjusting for covariates were conducted to investigate potential associations to whether or not an individual thought about suicide. A total of 27,795 individuals who self-identified as transgender participated in the study. Of the sample, 34.0% identified as a man, 29.8% identified as a woman, 20.6% identified as non-binary, and 15.5% identified as part time one gender/part time another. Nearly half of participants (48.5%) reported past year suicide ideation. Significant predictors included gender identity, age, income, race, low family support, and self-reported physical and sexual assault. This is one of the first studies that we are aware of examining past-year suicidal ideation among a large, nationally representative sample of transgender individuals. Interventions (e.g., acceptance therapy, evaluation, focus groups) are desperately needed to address this burgeoning problem among transgender individuals.