Year: 2022 Source: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. (2020). 50, 3496–3509. SIEC No: 20220698
This study investigated rates of suicidal ideation (SI) and suicidal and/or self-injurious behaviour (SSIB) reported by parents on the Child Behavior Checklist for 178 children with ASD over four annual assessments (ages 7-11 years). Analyses examined the frequency and persistence of SI and SSIB, and the association of SI and SSIB at any time point with child characteristics and internalizing and externalizing problems at age 7. SI occurred in 9.6% of children and was associated with fewer ASD symptoms and better adaptive functioning at age 7. SSIB occurred in 14.6% and was associated with poorer adaptive functioning and more externalizing behaviour at age 7. Internalizing problems were not associated with SI or SSIB at any time point. SI and SSIB rarely co-occurred (4%).