Year: 2022 Source: New Delhi, IN: Author. (2022). 64 p. SIEC No: 20220990
The Government has long been committed to promoting health and well-being for all. 'Mental Health Policy 2014' and 'Mental Healthcare Act 2017' provide the much-needed policy and legal framework to fortify efforts to promote mental well-being of the population. These documents have also addressed suicide as a public health issue. They have been instrumental in decriminalizing suicides, an imperative feat for the country. Further efforts are now required to prevent suicides as a public health priority. Suicides impact all sections of the society and thus require concerted and collaborative efforts from individuals and the community at large. The aim is to synthesize stakeholder efforts with the motto of 'energize to synergize'. It is with this mindset that the country's first National Suicide Prevention Strategy has been developed. I congratulate the entire team of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; and all the experts who contributed to developing this crucial document. I am positive that this will pave the path for streamlining efforts for suicide prevention and will further enhance the quality of lives of all in India.