Year: 2018 Source: Canberra, AU: Author, 2017. 34 p. SIEC No: 20180373

My Life My Lead conducted thirteen face-to-face consultations across every state and territory, reaching approximately 600 participants. The Department of Health also received 102 written submissions providing evidence and insights on the many factors that contribute to improved health outcomes throughout the life course and highlighting the role of many sectors and players outside the health system.
The following four themes were consistent features of the verbal and written feedback provided:
• Culture is central to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander well being and needs to be embraced and embedded across a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and mainstream services—both as a protector and enabler of health and
• Racism within health and other systems must be addressed to remove barriers to better outcomes in health, education and employment.
• The impacts of trauma across generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must be acknowledged and addressed.
• Governments need to support long-term, coordinated, placed-based approaches that honour community priorities and embed participation.