Year: 2022 Source: University of Alberta; CISM for Communities SIEC No: 20220323

he Mobile Work and Mental Health (MWMH) study provides preliminary, broad-ranging research on the wellbeing of FIFO workers in the oil sands. The project adopted a social determinants of mental health framework and a mixed-methods approach: an extensive in-person questionnaire (n=72) composed of both closed- and open-ended (objective and subjective) questions, and a set of in-depth follow-up interviews (n=15). Research took place between December 2019 and June 2020, allowing us to capture some early experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Results of the study indicate significant general and mental health challenges among this population, high stress stemming from FIFO work and a demanding and unpredictable work environment, and a  work culture of mistrust regarding employer commitment and support for mental health. Our recommendations point to needed improvements in the health and privacy of camp conditions, more flexible rotational schedule options, broader and more flexible  availability of trusted mental health training and resources, and a number of areas for further research.