Year: 2021 Source: Mental Health, Religion & Culture.(2020). 23(10), 941-944. SIEC No: 20210268

Suicide is a major problem in public health around the world (World Health Organization
[WHO], 2014). To devise the suicide prevention programme, the analysis of suicide causes
has always been the subject of research. Responsible reporting of suicidal behaviour is a
population-wide preventive strategy (Niederkrotenthaler et al., 2020; World Health Organization, 2017; Zalsman et al., 2016). It can have a significant impact on public awareness
and attitudes towards suicide and its prevention. The majority of studies examining the
role of media in suicide and its prevention have been carried out in developed countries
(Niederkrotenthaler et al., 2020). However, two-third of the suicides happens in the lowand middle-income countries (WHO, 2014) where the assessment of the media reporting
has been under-addressed.