Year: 2019 Source: Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior. (2019).49(5), 1431-1438. SIEC No: 20190787

A suicide attempt is an established risk factor for subsequent suicide attempts and suicide. Nonetheless, the prediction of future suicidal behavior is poor. The lethality of previous suicidal behavior may be informative to better understand future suicide risk among patients hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and behavior. The current study examined whether the lethality of patients’ index (most recent suicidal episode at hospitalization), first, and worst suicidal episode predicts the lethality of one’s most lethal suicide attempt during a 2‐year follow‐up period.
A total of 98 patients hospitalized at an emergency department for high suicide risk (i.e., acute suicidal ideation or a suicide attempt) were included in the study.
Results indicated that the lethality of the index suicidal episode predicted the lethality of the worst suicide attempt during a 2‐year follow‐up period.
These findings extend a growing literature examining risk factors that influence the progression toward high lethality suicidal behavior.