Year: 2016 Source: Ottawa, ON: Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, 2014. 23 p. SIEC No: 20160569

This report draws on a growing body of literature on integrated care, and compares two distinctive approaches to health system provision in North America: a non-profit insurance and managed care system (i.e., Kaiser Permanente), and two provincial taxfinanced, single insurer, systems in Canada (i.e., Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Health). In offering such a comparison, this report does not suggest any one system has a monopoly on good ideas. The reality is that comparing Kaiser Permanente to other healthcare systems is complex, and subject to bias and error, as several differences are readily apparent between the populations served and the funding made available.2,3,4 Despite these differences, Kaiser Permanente has invested heavily in an integrated clinical system, and can provide many lessons to Canadian jurisdictions looking to strengthen healthcare leadership, financing, information and innovation.

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