Year: 2021 Source: Journal of Community Psychology. (2021). 1ā€“ 13. Published online 1 Jun 2021. SIEC No: 20210566

The purpose of this paper is to discover the extent to which women living homeless in Madrid (Spain) have been victims of intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV), analysing the connection between stressful life events (SLE) relating to violent victimisation and having suffered sexual assault by a partner. This study took place using a sample of women living homeless in Madrid (nā€‰=ā€‰136). The results obtained show that a high percentage of the women living homeless who were questioned had been victims of IPSV. The women interviewed, who had been victims of IPSV, had suffered, to a greater extent, SLEs relating to situations of violent victimisation, both during childhood and adolescence as well as in adulthood. The episodes of violent victimisation that seem to be the most common forerunners to IPSV are incidents of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence.