Year: 2023 Source: risis. (2022). 43(6), 531-538. SIEC No: 20230464
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns regarding possible spikes in suicidal behavior in light of heightened risk factors such as social isolation and financial strain; thus, comprehensive suicide prevention training for emerging health service providers is increasingly vital. This article summarizes an interprofessional education (IPE) suicide prevention course delivered in-person in Spring 2020. Pilot data demonstrate that despite the impact of COVID-19 on higher education, this course had long-term impacts on trainee suicide prevention efficacy, IPE attitudes, and use of course content in practice. Discussion serves to address enhancements for interprofessional and suicide prevention education during and after the pandemic. Emphasis is placed on adaptable training strategies, considerations in the delivery format, guidelines for intensive virtual meetings with trainee teams, and future directions in IPE suicide prevention training research.