Year: 2023 Source: Journal of Clinical Medicine. (2023). 12, 191. jcm12010191 SIEC No: 20230384

Depression is the most common disorder in people who attempt suicide or die by suicide. Research review indicate that therapy of depression (including psychoeducation) is one of the main factors in the prevention of suicidal behavior. In this paper we examine the intensification of search interest for the terms “depression” and “suicide” in Google search engine with regard to the time of day and day of the week in Poland, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. The goal of the study was to determine if there are any days of the week or hours when search for “suicide” and “depression” particularly increases. Numerous studies focusing not only on the seasonality of suicidal behavior, but also on the days of the week and hours, indicate that it is most often undertaken on Mondays in the night and early morning hours. The results of the research being the basis of this paper show a certain time coincidence: first, the increase in search interest for “suicide” and “depression” and then undertaking suicidal behavior (suicide and suicide attempts). Searching for terms “suicide” and “depression” usually took place (except in Italy) at weekends and most often in the late evening hours and at night. The conclusions from the research can be used in suicide prevention activities, for example in determining the hours of operation of individual helpline numbers.