Year: 2023 Source: The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. (2023). doi: 10.1177/07067437221147420. SIEC No: 20230788
Objectives: To examine whether sexual and gender minority (SGM) emerging adults perceived their SGM status was linked to suicidal ideation, and to explore if their responses fell within tenets of the minority stress framework. Method: Open text (survey) responses of Dutch and Flemish SGM emerging adults (n = 187) were thematically analysed using the constant comparative comparison method for qualitative analysis. Results: We identified 8 themes in our qualitative analysis. Two themes fell within the scope of the minority stress framework that has received little attention: (1) concerns about relationships and family planning and (2) feeling different (internal stressor). Two additional themes emerged largely beyond the scope of existing minority stress framework studies on suicidality: (3) SGM-related questioning; (4) negativity in LGBT communities. Four established minority stress framework themes emerged: (5) gender identity stress; (6) victimization; (7) coming-out stress; (8) psychological difficulties linked to SGM status. Conclusion: Suicide prevention needs to focus on supporting SGM emerging adults who worry about feeling "different", or who have concerns over their romantic and family life, on reducing gender minority stress, as well as on caring for those who are victimized due to their sexual or gender identity.