Year: 2023 Source: Auckland, NZ: Wyllie & Associates. (2021). 31 p. SIEC No: 20230570
MAIN FINDINGS · The primary way in which Farmstrong is impacting the farmers is through repeated exposure to the key messages. · Other contributors were: o Providing communications which resonate with farmers o Farmers seeing the value in what is being communicated · The triangulation of these qualitative findings with the Monitor data provides increased evidence of the effectiveness of Farmstrong. · This research has provided a lot of information on the way in which Farmstrong is contributing to improvements on the nine different wellbeing measures. · When asked to rate how interested they were in hearing about things from Farmstrong, where a rating of 10 is 'really enthusiastic' and 0 is 'having no interest at all', the mean and median rating was 7, with just over a quarter  giving a rating of 9 or 10. · There were higher levels of interest from beef/lamb farmers than dairy farmers, with females also being higher than males. · Thirty-seven percent had at some point in time recommended Farmstrong to others, but for most of these it had only been once or twice. The level was higher for females (55%) and beef/lamb farmers (48%). RECOMMENDATIONS The rationale for these recommendations is outlined in the Discussion chapter which follows. · Continue the current strategy to reach farmers as often as possible, to reinforce the key messages