Year: 2016 Source: Archives of Suicide Research.(2016).20(4): 683-688. SIEC No: 20160626

This article reports the findings of a follow-up study of suicide mortality in elderly patients after an index episode of self-poisoning. A total of 222 consecutive patients (143 female) aged 65 years or older (mean age 76.5 years; range 65–100) presenting at the emergency department of the Karolinska University Hospital after self-poisoning during 1994–2000, were followed up for the cause of death by January 1, 2006. Survival analysis was applied to study suicide and death risk. Of the 15 suicides, 13 (87%) occurred during the first year after the index episode of self-poisoning (cumulative suicide risk 6.2%). The risk of dying of all causes during the first year was increased fourfold. Self-poisoning in both elderly men and women is associated with high early suicide risk.

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