Year: 2023 Source: Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. (2020), 50(1), 95-110. SIEC No: 20230180
Objective Religion and spirituality (R&S) were protective against suicidal behavior in the majority of studies. In prospective studies, R&S were associated with improved outcome for patients with depression, a main risk factor for suicide. Thus, R&S may also improve recovery from suicidal crisis, but related data is lacking. Method We explored how aspects of R&S were associated with reduction of suicide ideation and length of hospital stay among 351 patients admitted to a psychiatric crisis intervention ward specialized in suicide prevention. We analyzed the results separately by gender and sexual orientation due to the known specific effects of R&S in these groups. Results Overall, there were only small and non-significant associations between R&S and reduction of suicide ideation and length of hospital stay. For heterosexual men, some R&S variables were associated with less optimal outcome. Contrary to our hypothesis, R&S were not less or even more beneficial for sexual minority than heterosexual patients. Conclusions Religion and spirituality were not or only weakly associated with improvement of suicide ideation and shorter hospital stay. Further studies are needed to account for selection biases and other limitations in our study. Based on our findings, R&S may not be major sources to recover from suicidal crisis in a psychiatric setting.