Year: 2023 Source: Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. (2020), 50(6), 1288-1295. SIEC No: 20230119
Objective Several theories of suicide suggest that people will only attempt suicide if they have both the desire to die and the capability for suicide. Fearlessness about death is a key component of capability for suicide. There is little information in the literature about the prospective relationship between fearlessness about death and suicide attempt in adolescents. Method We obtained baseline fearlessness about death from adolescents (N = 122; ages 12–18; 80% girls; 82% Caucasian) who received intensive outpatient treatment for active suicidal ideation and/or a recent attempt. We tested if fearlessness about death at treatment entry predicted an attempt (n = 14) between entry and six-month follow-up after discharge from the program. Results Fearlessness about death significantly predicted the presence of an attempt between treatment entry and six-month follow-up after controlling for common covariates (Quade F = 2.15, p < .02). Conclusions In a preliminary analysis of a group of suicidal adolescents, fearlessness about death was a significant independent predictor of attempt between treatment entry and six months post-discharge, even when controlling for other commonly cited risk factors.