Year: 2022 Source: Health Expectations. (2022). 1-23. SIEC No: 20220956
Background Suicide is a major public health risk requiring targeted suicide prevention interventions. The principles of co-production are compatible with tailoring suicide prevention interventions to meet an individual's needs. Aims This review aimed to evaluate the role and effectiveness of co-produced community-based suicide prevention interventions among adults. Methods Four electronic databases (PsycInfo, CINAHL, MEDLINE and web of science) were systematically searched. A narrative synthesis was conducted. Results From 590 papers identified through searches, 14 fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Most included studies elicited the views and perspectives of stakeholders in a process of co-design/co-creation of community-based suicide prevention interventions. Conclusion Stakeholder involvement in the creation of community-based suicide prevention interventions may improve engagement and give voice to those experiencing suicidal crisis. However, there is limited evaluation extending beyond the design of these interventions. Further research is needed to evaluate the long-term outcomes of co-produced community-based suicide prevention interventions.