Year: 2023 Source: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience. (2022). SIEC No: 20230261

The paper, which is a continuation of our previous epidemiological studies on the phenomenon of suicide in the Tri-City metropolitan area, presents the results of statistical analyses of suicides in the autopsy material of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Medical University of Gdańsk in the years 2010–2019. The purpose of the study was to analyse in detail demographic data of suicides (age, sex, place of death), as well as to assess suicide methods and the impact of alcohol on suicides in the study area. During the 10-year study period, 8495 autopsies were performed, of which 1261 were suicides (14.8%). Statistical analyses were conducted using the statistical data analysis software system STATISTICA, version 13 (StatSoft, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA). The results of the study indicate a continuing downward trend in the number of suicides since the beginning of the 21th century, with the number of suicides in rural areas increasing over the same period. In the analysed cohort, suicides were committed in particular by middle-aged men and the number of suicides among older people (65 +) increased at the same time. The increase in suicide occurred in late autumn and early spring. The most common method of suicide was hanging. There was a high percentage of inebriated victims (45%), and a comparison of the present studies with previous ones indicates the increasing impact of alcohol on suicide.