Year: 2021 Source: Archives of Medical Research. (2021). SIEC No: 20210888

The trend of suicide attempt by medication overdose has shown an increasing trend in recent years. The present study was conducted to investigate the epidemiology of suicide attempts and completed suicide by medication overdoses in Fars’s province between 2011 and 2019.
This cross-sectional study was performed on 40334 suicide attempts by medication overdose. First, fetal rate, and crude and aged-standardized mortality rate (ASR) were calculated. Then, χ2 test was used to calculate the trend of rates of suicide attempt and completed suicide, also to explore differences between qualitative and outcome variables. Finally, logistic regression analysis was performed to identify factors associated with suicide outcome.
The mean age of the participants was 26.66 ± 11.03 years. The highest ASR for suicide attempt by medication overdose was observed in the age range of 15–24 years. The rate of completed suicide by medication overdose was estimated as 1.22%. The odds of completed suicide were 2.7 times higher in men than in women, 2.7 times higher in people with a family history of suicide, and 1.7 times higher in people with a previous history of suicide.
The results of our study may help health policymakers to effectively prevent recurrence of suicide attempts through establishing effective strategies for timely identification and appropriate intervention among high-risk individuals with previous history of suicide.