Year: 2019 Source: Asian Journal of Psychiatry. (2019). 39, 58-62. SIEC No: 20190456

Suicide and depression are among the most alarming phenomena prevalent throughout the world. Various approaches have tried to explain the intricacies in depression and suicide, as a consequence of faulty psychological adjustment of the individual. Several therapeutic approaches have been developed to strengthen one’s coping process, among which cognitive behaviour therapy has shown promising results. Also, mindfulness-based approaches to cognitive behavioural therapy have further accelerated the well-being of such individuals. This study was conducted with an aim to see the effect of mindfulness-based cognitive behaviour therapy on life satisfaction and life orientation in adolescents with depression and suicidal behaviour. A sample of 30 adolescents who scored high on scales of depression and suicidal tendencies were administered pre-test measures on life satisfaction and life orientation. After that they were exposed to an eight weeks programme on mindfulness-based cognitive behaviour therapy, followed by a post-assessment on the same measures. The analysis of pre and post test revealed a significant enhancement in life satisfaction, life orientation, and family functioning as well as a reduction in depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation. It is concluded that mindfulness-based cognitive behaviour therapy serves as an effective medium to enhance the psychological functioning of depressive and suicidal adolescents.