Year: 2018 Source: Edmonton, AB: Author, [2016?]. 59 p. SIEC No: 20180179

Suicides are preventable. Although each story is unique, it is possible to piece together the commonalities which provide a better understanding of why suicide occurs and what needs to be done. In recognition of this, the Edmonton Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee came together in January 2015 to explore how to prevent suicide in the city. As part of City Council’s Urban Isolation/Mental Health Initiative, diverse stakeholders were invited to consider the prevalence of suicide, to examine the causes and to develop recommendations that would ultimately reduce suicide in Edmonton. The development of this strategy has taken place at an opportune moment, where there is a growing recognition across the country that suicide prevention needs to be a priority. Community members, non-profits and different orders of government are coming together to better understand the complexities of suicide and to use this knowledge to further its prevention.