Year: 2019 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2019). 23(3), 491-506. SIEC No: 20190593

This study used Texas state vital statistics records, 2006–2015, to examine firearm use rates among 28,010 suicide decedents by residential location (urbanized vs. all others). Firearms were responsible for 44% of all teenage suicides and 76–90% and 50–60% of suicides of men and women aged 60 + years, respectively, and firearm use rates remained steady for both genders during the study period. Logistic regression analysis showed a significantly higher firearm use rate (AOR = 1.35, 95% CI = 1.28–1.42) among decedents who resided in nonurbanized areas. Differences in firearm use rates by residential location likely reflect higher firearm ownership in smaller communities and rural than urban areas. The findings underscore the importance of community- and individual-level suicide prevention strategies.