Year: 2018 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2018).. 22(4): 555-568. SIEC No: 20180578

A relationship between anxiety disorders and suicide-related behaviors has been demonstrated in adolescents, with a paucity of research examining mediators of this association. The present study hypothesized that anxiety would be associated with suicidal ideation via a serial mediation pathway through depressive symptoms and perceived burdensomeness and/or thwarted belongingness. A sample of 80 adolescents (68.8% female, 65.8% Hispanic), 13–19 years of age (mean = 16.93, SD = 1.66), completed 3 interviews as part of a randomized controlled trial. Results indicated a significant serial mediation from anxiety to suicidal ideation via depressive symptoms and perceived burdensomeness, but not thwarted belongingness. Clinicians and mental health service providers working with adolescents experiencing elevated anxiety should regularly assess for perceived burdensomeness and suicidal ideation.