Year: 2018 Source: Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior. (2018). 48(5): 589-600. SIEC No: 20180639

Through a one‐year follow‐up design, this study examined whether distress tolerance would increase the risk for nonsuicidal self‐injury (NSSI), mediated through depression in a representative sample of adolescents. Participants (N = 2,170) were recruited from senior high schools throughout Taiwan using both stratified and cluster sampling in time 1 (T1), and 1,832 students were followed‐up one year later (T2). Structure equation modeling results revealed that after controlling NSSI measured at T1, NSSI (T2) was significantly predicted by distress tolerance (T1) and fully mediated through depression (T2). The mediating role of depression in the relationship between distress tolerance and NSSI are discussed.