Year: 2022 Source: PLoS ONE. (2022). 17(4), e0265367. pone.0265367 SIEC No: 20221042
This study was done to investigate the prevalence of depression and suicidal ideation among private medical students in Bangladesh. A total of 237 medical students participated in this cross-sectional web-based survey by e-questionnaire using the Google Form. The study was conducted from November 2020 to December 2020 at Enam Medical College and Hospital which is situated in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Out of 237 medical students, prevalence of depression was found 58.6%, and prevalence of suicidal ideation was found 27.4% which is higher than the global prevalence. Bivariate and multivariate analysis and logistic regression-based odds ratios (ORs) was done to see the association between grade of depression and suicidal thoughts with different variables. Association between grade of depression with family problems (x2 = 16.716, P = 0.001), drug addiction (x2 = 16.601, P = 0.001), committed relationship status (x2 = 40.292, P = <0.001) were statistically significant. Whereas, the association between suicidal thoughts with family problems (x2 = 29.881, P = <0.001), failed any subject during study (x2 = 12.024, P = 0.007), alcohol uses (x2 = 15.977, P = 0.001), drug addiction (x2 = 22.633, P = <0.001), committed relationship status (x2 = 35.219, P = <0.001) were statistically significant. However, medical students whom had to earn other than their family income were 2.3 times (OR: 2.285, 95% CL: 0.897, 5.820) greater prone to be depressed than those who do not had to earn by themselves. On the contrary, medical students who are single were 2.35 times (OR: 2.352, 95% CL: 0.926, 5.973) greater prone to have suicidal thoughts than the married students. This study showed that a large percentage of Bangladeshi medical students have been suffering from depression and suicidal ideation. Our recommendation for the authority of the medical colleges are, to build a system with counselling facilities inside every medical colleges in Bangladesh.