Year: 2020 Source: Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. (2020). SIEC No: 20200545

An inspiring editorial by Montemurro (2020)entitled “The emotional impact of COVID-19: From medical staff to common people” recently published in the ‘Brain, Behavior, and Immunity’ motivated us to pen down a concise yet, informative viewpoint entitled “COVID-2019-suicides: A global psychological pandemic”. 24,81,026 is the fearsome and huge number of COVID-19 cases with 1,70,423 deaths being reported from around the world (https:// is complicating the situation and difficult to control. The realization of the non-availability of vaccine and/or effective antiviral drug against SARS-CoV-2 virus, and understanding that social distancing and quarantine/self-isolation is the only available remedy to us, forced the governments of most of the countries to declare the nationwide lockdown. So far the only advice or the option against the disastrous COVID-19 is screening of suspected person for SARS-CoV-2, if comes positive,then quarantine/self-isolation in addition to supportive treatment. However, few cases have been reported around the world where people out of fear of getting COVID-19 infection, social stigma, isolation, depression, anxiety, emotional imbalance, economic shut down, lack and/or improper knowledge, financial and future insecurities took their lives. With recent suicide reports we can anticipate the rippling effect of this virus on world wide suicide events. However, the basic psychology and inability of the person and the mass society to deal with the situation are the major factors behind these COVID-19 suicides pandemic.