Year: 2017 Source: San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers. (1988). 267 p. SIEC No: 20170277

In spite of much research, there still exists a wishful fantasy that young children are somehow protected from the extreme anguish and paint that adults may experience,” Israel Orbach writes. “Many still find it hard to believe that children as young as five or six can sincerely wish to die- and that some actually do commit suicide … It is commonly but mistakenly believed that children do not comprehend the meaning of death. In most cases, it is exactly because children do understand the meaning of death that they wish to die.” In his thorough and compassionate examination of a long-neglected topic, the author offers a new understanding of suicidal behavior in children. He presents in-depth case histories to illuminate the more prevalent types of self-destructive behavior. And he provides a comprehensive theoretical approach to childhood suicide and demonstrates its clinical usefulness in assessing and treating “children who don’t want to live.”

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