Year: 2022 Source: Edmonton, AB: Government of Alberta. (2021). 65 p. SIEC No: 20220038

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of every Albertan. It is the greatest public health crisis we have faced in more than a generation. This report outlines how the experience of the pandemic and the efforts to stay safe from the virus have affected children and youth in Alberta. A panel of experts was brought together in May of 2021 to explore this issue over several months (Appendix A). The panel invited all Albertans to share their experiences and their perspectives as part
of the review. They held virtual discussions and hosted conversations across the province to hear from Albertans who play a role in the lives of children and youth, including parents, teachers, doctors, day care staff, and community agencies. The review also captured the perspectives of children and youth directly through in-person engagements and a province-wide survey. Research and data were collected to provide additional evidence and insights. Through this process, the panel clearly heard that there were notable impacts on children and youth due to the many changes in their daily lives as a result of the public health measures. It was also clear
that the experience and effects of the pandemic were different for children and youth than adults. Because children and youth are still developing, they need to be supported in a way that addresses their unique risk factors and meets their developmental needs.