Year: 2022 Source: Community Mental Health Journal. (2022). Published online 2 June 2022. SIEC No: 20220614

African American youth living in low-resourced communities are at high risk for bullying victimization which is positively associated with suicidal ideation. This study explored whether positive future orientation mediated the relationship between bullying victimization and suicidal ideation. This study engaged 627 African American adolescents and measured bullying victimization, internalizing problems, suicidal ideation, future orientation, and several covariates. Major findings indicated that controlling for gender, socioeconomic status, school motivation, and perceived teacher support, internalizing problems mediated the relationship between bullying victimization and suicidal ideation. Furthermore, both the effect of bullying victimization on suicidal ideation and the mediating effect of internalizing problems were moderated by future orientation. The effects were weakened when the level of future orientation increased. The implications for future research and supporting resiliency are discussed based on these findings.