Year: 2023 Source: Cheltenham, UK: University of Gloucestershire. [2022]. 52 p. SIEC No: 20230615
Objective • To build narrative tools for developing prevention strategies, risk assessment, and perpetrator interventions in domestic abuse related suicide, honour killing, and intimate partner homicide Outputs • Three draft tools were designed from the three data sets using temporal sequencing • The draft tools represent a simplified presentation of the temporal sequences and were designed for practical use by practitioners Recommendations • Each draft tool can be used in three main ways: as an aid to risk assessment; as a means to gather focused data on coercive control and stalking patterns as an aid to consider prevention strategies and perpetrator interventions • Training in coercive control and stalking patterns is recommended for best use of the tools Early evaluation • Training in how to use the tools is important • The tools can support understanding of coercive control • The tools are useful for gathering focused data • The tools are useful for risk assessment • The temporal sequences can be useful in requesting perpetrator management interventions like protective orders and remand hearings • The tools are useful for focusing on potential interventions