Year: 2020 Source: Foundation University Journal of Psychology. (2020). DOI 10.33897/fujp.v4i2.161 SIEC No: 20200752

Background: The current pandemic has disrupted the whole globe in a couple of months and along with it has brought several major issues. One of those global threats is the rapidly increasing unemployment and the impending threat of suicides associated with it.
Methods: Through a narrative review analysis the current study has tried to identify the probable rate of suicides by utilizing the findings of previous literature.
Results: The findings suggest that during the previous economic recession period of 2008, there was an exponential increase in the suicide rates across the globe between 20% to 30%. Likewise, the current pandemic scenario also indicates towards a massive unemployment rate, which could eventually lead to an increase in the suicidal rates.
Conclusions: The present condition is in dire need for policies and interventional strategies to encounter this issue at hand. The current review is an effort for calling out authorities to take necessary precautionary measures to protect several lives at risk.