Year: 2019 Source: International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities & Nations . (2007). 7(1), 229-236. SIEC No: 20190121

This research was an interpretive study that sought to understand how Anishinabek individuals work through death and loss within the context of culture and spirituality. Multicultural counselling is discussed in the “tangential way in which issues of diversity and multiculturalism are addressed” (Parham, 1995, p. xi) within the counselling forum. Observing that “racial identity is susceptible to the influence of religion and spirituality because these influence individual belief systems” (Choney, Berryhill-Paapke, and Robbins, 1995, p. 76), mental health professionals may ameliorate services by becoming aware of different ways individuals, within Anishinabek culture, conceptualize death and work through grief.