Year: 2022 Source: Perth, AU: Curtin University. (2019). 62 p. SIEC No: 20220354

Alternatives to Suicide is a different and emerging approach to the suicide prevention paradigm, utilising peer support groups to focus on connection and relationship-building. The groups are a space where people can share  openly and authentically about their suicidal thoughts and feelings, without fear of a clinical intervention. This research project evaluated the impact experienced by participants of DISCHARGED groups in Perth, Western  Australia. The research was undertaken by two lived experience researchers and an academic researcher and investigated people’s experiences of DISCHARGED, and how they compared to their experiences of the metal  health system. These findings are relevant to anyone with an interest in suicide prevention and/or peer support, including people with a lived experience of suicidal thoughts/actions, innovative service designers, mental health  organisations, policy makers, and practitioners involved in the wellbeing of trans people.