Year: 2020 Source: Canadian Journal of Education. (2019). 42(3), 791-815. SIEC No: 20200859

The aim of this article is to challenge the discrepancy between Indigenous candidate requirements in academic job postings and their recognition in the tenure-track stream. For the purposes of this article, I conducted a scan of 15 academic positions for Indigenous scholars advertised in Canada between September 2018 and July 2019. In these advertisements, 100% of the postings included an expectation for the candidate to hold Indigenous Knowledges and connections to Indigenous communities. Through an examination of seminal Indigenous scholars, I unearth the capacities required to hold, maintain, and renew Indigenous Knowledges and connections to community, while simultaneously showing that none of these capacities are recognized within funding allowances, workload allotments, or tenure and promotion committees. Finally, I offer practical recommendations to post-secondary institutions to provide a supportive environment for Indigenous scholars to enjoy success while holding Indigenous Knowledges and community connections in a good way.