Year: 2021 Source: Journal of Occupational Therapy Education. (2021). 5(3), 10. SIEC No: 20210572

The purpose of this study was to discover how competencies related to suicide prevention are currently taught to student occupational therapists in Canadian universities. A cross-sectional descriptive design was used to survey the 14 Canadian university occupational therapy programs. 12/14 programs responded. All endorsed the use of a range of pedagogical approaches, but there was little similarity from one university to another. Learning activities mainly related to mitigating imminent suicide risk (intervention) and illustrated a lack of attention to the continuum of suicidal behavior (prevention, intervention, and postvention). All universities showed a clear willingness to improve their approach, but there is no current gold standard to strive for. Future initiatives can support research in this regard to ensure student occupational therapists are better prepared to address the full continuum of prevention, intervention, and postvention with explicit attention to an occupational perspective.