Year: 2019 Source: Victoria, BC: Author. (2019). 32 p. SIEC No: 20190405

This roadmap will build on recent work by the
Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions to identify
challenges in substance use service delivery and
explore potential solutions for modernizing models
of care, using evidence-based treatment and
recovery guidelines. And while the opioid overdose
crisis will continue to be an area of urgent public
action, these models of care must necessarily
address alcohol use and other legal and illegal
substance use. This roadmap also represents a call to action to all
British Columbians to work together, to contribute,
to be part of the solutions moving forward.
Integration — of government services and of all our
external partners — is a key theme in this roadmap.
This is a province-wide issue that touches the lives
of so many people, and affects our relationships,
our work, our communities and so much more.
Only by coming together, can we deliver the
changes needed to support people in addressing
their challenges and help us move forward in a
proactive, progressive and supportive province.