Year: 2022 Source: Asian Journal of Psychiatry. (2022). 73, 103175. SIEC No: 20220643

This longitudinal study aimed to examine the within-person changes in suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety between the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic  and the third wave (i.e., one year later), while nationwide lockdowns were in effect. Among 720 respondents, 4.72% presented suicidal ideation, which appeared  unaltered one-year post-pandemic onset, while both depression (21.25% versus 28.06%) and anxiety (12.08% versus 18.47%) increased significantly, adjusting for  gender, age, and mental health history. Suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety during the third pandemic wave were independently associated with crucial  sociodemographic, clinical, psychological and psychopathological variables, in the stepwise regression analyses performed.