Year: 2020 Source: International Journal of Environmental Research. (2020). 17(3), 803; doi:10.3390/ijerph17030803 SIEC No: 20200103

As part of a suite of early intervention training and support services, Mates in Construction (MATES) provide two general awareness programs to promote mental health and suicide awareness and encourage help-offering and help-seeking in construction workers. General awareness training (GAT) is a one-hour session delivered to all construction workers on large to medium worksites, while MATES awareness training (MAT) maintains similar content but is of shorter duration and delivered informally to small workplaces. This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of the two programs using a before, after and follow-up design. Construction workers undertaking MAT or GAT training completed a short survey before and after their training and again at follow-up. Linear mixed-effect modelling indicated that GAT and MAT training provided similar results in improving suicide awareness and help-seeking intentions. Some variables showed a significant increase from pre-intervention to the three-month follow-up, indicating the long-term impact of some aspects of the training. The findings demonstrating the effectiveness of MAT training have important implications for MATES, as the training can be delivered to much smaller workplaces, making the program more widely available to the construction industry.