Zambia Global School Health Survey-2004

Some Patterns of Suicide & Parasuicide in Africa

This summary looks at patterns of suicide in the 5 major geographic areas of Africa represented by Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia & South Africa. Evidence indicates a relatively low rate of suicide & attempted suicide in comparison with non-Africans & Africans elsewhere. There appears to be a gradual change from hanging to chemicals as a […]

Suicide Rates in Lusaka, Zambia: Preliminary Observations

Studied are records of all open verdicts & all suicides occurring in Lusaka (Zambia) over a 5 year period (1967-71). Suicide rates per 100,000 were: for all races, 7.4; for men of all races, 11.3; for women of all races, 3.0. For all african residents, 6.9;( 11.2 for males; 2.2 for females). For africans over […]