A brief exposure-based treatment vs cognitive processing therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized noninferiority clinical trial

OBJECTIVE To determine if WET is noninferior to CPT in patients with PTSD. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS In this randomized clinical trial conducted at a Veterans Affairs medical facility between February 28, 2013, and November 6, 2016, 126 veteran and nonveteran adults were randomized to either WET or CPT. Inclusion criteria were a primary diagnosis of PTSD […]

One Side of Suicide


The Literacy Educator’s Role in Suicide Prevention


Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts: a Mother’s Revelations and Struggles to Cope With Grief due to Suicide of her Only Child

In this book, the author uses poetry to express her grief at the loss of her son (and only child) to suicide. The book also provides information on support groups, website, & getting help for those who think they have no hope for the future.

Lost Lives

This book is a collection of poems. The author is the survivor of multiple suicides in her family, including the loss of her two sons.

Thorns of a Rose. The Aftermath of Suicide: a Sister’s Journey of Recovery

This book is a compilation of letters the author wrote to her brother after his death by suicide.

Surviving Suicide: Help to Heal Your Heart. Life Stories From Those Left Behind

This book is a collection of life stories from people all over the world who have written about their loved one or their friend who died by suicide. A letter or letters to the person who died follow each story.

Book Review – My Journal of Healing: a Journal for Those who Have Lost a Loved one ed. by G Robertson

This review describes the journal as a wonderful gift for someone who is grieving. The reviewer notes that the journal contains illustrations, poetry, & headings on each page to assist a person through his or her grief. (SC)

Searching for Closure via the Letters Project

This article describes the origin of the “Letters Project” initiated by the author: a book compiling what he calls “the Reports by those who had something unique to say, or something wonderful, humerous, outrageous or profound,” which they communicated at the time of their death. He describes his own experience with letters written to himself […]

Does Writing About Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings Reduce Them?

To assess whether writing with cognitive change or exposure instructions reduces depression or suicidality, 121 undergraduates screened for suicidality wrote for 20 minutes on 4 days over 2 weeks. They were randomly assigned to reinterpret or to write & rewrite traumatic events/emotions, or to write about innocuous topics. The three groups who completed pre-, post-, […]

When Words are Just too Much: a Suicide Survivor Opts for Silence

This article is an autobiographical account of a woman’s bereavement experience following the suicidal death of her brother. She describes her feelings of guilt & avoidance. A description is included of how writing & intense therapy assisted her during her bereavement. She notes the long period of time & difficulty experiencing her bereavement after attempting […]

Creating Girl_X: Young People’s Creative Messages of Hope


Writing Projects: Lessening Undergraduates’ Unique Suicidal Bereavement

To assess if writing projects lessen undergraduates’ grief following a loved one’s suicide, 40 students whose loved one died by suicide in the previous 2 years wrote on 4 occasions over 2 weeks about profound topics or trivial topics. All participants completed pre- & posttest measures of grief & self-reported health visits, & 75% completed […]

Group Activities for Kids who Hurt

Do They Have bad Days in Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling

Counseling the Suicidal Client by Letter

Crisis counselling by means of letters written from the client to the counsellor & back is discussed. An example is presented of counselling a suicidal adolescent using this technique. (11 refs.)

Does Writing About the Bereavement Lessen Grief Following Sudden, Unintentional Death?

Writing as a way of Healing: how Telling our Stories Transforms our Lives

This book explores writing as a form of healing and therapy. Author De Salvo gives practical suggestions for those beginning to write as a form of catharasis in traumatic, grieving and painful situations. Writing can often become an outlet for those struggling with grief issues. DeSalvo offers up the works and thoughts of famed authors […]

Making Meaning of the Madness: one Man’s Journey Through Grief

Educational Bereavement Handouts for Clients

This package of bereavement handouts helps clients to understand & validate their passages of grief & to distinguish between helpful & destructive coping behaviours while grieving. Counsellors & facilitators can use the handouts to reinforce important issues & concepts. Clients can evaluate their progress with a self-assessment inventory. (Note: Due to copyright restrictions, SIEC cannot […]

My Journal of Healing: a Journal for Those who Have Lost a Loved one


Kid Power Tactics for Dealing With Depression

Will I Live Another day Before I die? Thoughts on Suicide and Life