Women Veterans’ experiences discussing household firearms with their intimate partners: Collaborative, devalued, and deferential relational types

Background Rates of firearm suicide have increased among women Veterans. Discussing firearm access and reducing access to lethal means of suicide when suicide risk is heightened are central tenets of suicide prevention, as is tailoring suicide prevention strategies to specific populations. While research has begun to explore how to optimize firearm lethal means safety counseling […]

Characteristics of and circumstances associated with female intimate partner problem-included suicides: Analysis of data from the National Violent Death Reporting System (2003-2019)

Intimate partner problems (IPP)-which include divorce, breakups, arguments, jealousy, conflict, discord, and violence-have been robust precipitating factors associated with an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Although research on suicide related to IPP is growing, efforts to explore the circumstances surrounding suicidality among female victims struggling with IPP remain insufficient. To address this gap, […]

Women veterans’ experiences discussing household firearms with their intimate partners: Collaborative, devalued, and deferential relational types

Background: Rates of firearm suicide have increased among women Veterans. Discussing firearm access and reducing access to lethal means of suicide when suicide risk is heightened are central tenets of suicide prevention, as is tailoring suicide prevention strategies to specific populations. While research has begun to explore how to optimize firearm lethal means safety counseling with […]

Improving Nocomit-J program as a response of women’s and youth’s suicide cases surge during Covid-19

Suicide has been a long-time national problem for Japan as they hold the record for country with highest suicide rate according to WHO and the problem continues as of current. COVID – 19 which impacted most nation throughout the world including Japan, has a hand in influencing the increase of suicide rate in Japan. This […]

Sociodemographic characteristics of women who died by suicide in India from 2014 to 2020: Findings from surveillance data

Background Women in India have twice the suicide death rate (SDR) compared with the global average for women. The aim of this study is to present a systematic understanding of sociodemographic risk factors, reasons for suicide deaths, and methods of suicide among women in India at the state level over time. Methods Administrative data on […]

Suicide among women in Brazil: A necessary discussion from a gender perspective

Suicide among women is a matter of public health, and there is a lack of scientific literature on this issue. In this theoretical essay, we sought to discuss suicide among women in Brazil from a gender perspective. For that purpose, we adopted the idea that gender extrapolates the concept of sex, considering that differences between […]

Incidence and comparison of suicide in various phases of the menstrual cycle: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Background: Suicide is a global health concern. There are reproductive health-related factors that are responsible for increasing the risk of female suicide. There are a number of studies examining the association between suicide and the menstrual cycle, but still, there are no conclusive findings. Aim: We aimed to pool data from all the studies reporting data on […]

Accelerated epigenetic aging in women with emotionally unstable personality disorder and a history of suicide attempts

Emotional unstable personality disorder (EUPD; previously borderline personality disorder, BPD) is associated with excess natural-cause mortality, comorbid medical conditions, poor health habits and stress related epigenomic alterations. Previous studies demonstrated that GrimAge – a state-of-the-art epigenetic age (EA) estimator – strongly predicts mortality risk and physiological dysregulation. Herein, we utilize the GrimAge algorithm to investigate […]

Increased suicide risk among younger women in winter during full moon in northern Europe: An artifact or a novel finding?

Available evidence suggests that there is no effect of moon phases on suicidal behavior. However, a Finnish study recently reported elevated suicide rates during full-moon, but only among premenopausal women and only in winter. This could not be replicated in an Austrian study and stirred a discussion about whether the Finnish finding was false-positive or […]

Social media use, mental health, and suicide-related outcomes in Russian women: A cross-sectional comparison between two age groups

Background: Women who belong to the age group “emerging adulthood” (18 to 29 years) are vulnerable to mental health issues and suicide-related outcomes. Objectives: This study investigated potential predictors of suicide-related outcomes in females emerging adulthood and compared them to older women. Design and methods: Data of 2537 women from Russia (group “18 to 29 years”: n = 1123; group […]

The relationship of suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide to gender-based violence

The aim of this article is to analyse possible factors that influence behaviours related to female suicide: ideation and attempt. To this end, the influence of different indicators has been observed like socio-demographic indicators, support  networks, gender-based violences suffered and fear of their partner through a quantitative analysis using a secondary data source, the Study […]

Anchoring to life: A photovoice study of resiliencies among sexual and gender minority women post-suicide attempt

Lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and other sexual and gender minority (SGM) women are at high risk of suicide. Stigma, discrimination, and exclusion are known risk factors. Contrasting longstanding trends of risk-focused research, this study examines the experiences of SGM women who have attempted suicide focusing on their embodied strengths and resiliencies to continue living post-attempt. […]

Effect of comorbid ADHD on mortality in women with borderline personality disorder

Background Many similarities exist between borderline personality disorder (BPD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), more so in women than in men. People with comorbid ADHD and BPD represent a subgroup of BPD patients with distinct symptom expression and, consequently, a different prognosis. We used Swedish national high quality registers to assess whether such comorbidity is related […]

Disability and suicidal behaviors among women of reproductive age

Limited research exists on suicidal behaviors among women with disabilities. This study examined disability, suicidal behaviors, and associated health determinants among non-pregnant women of reproductive age. Data from the 2015-2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (n = 76,750) were used to estimate associations between disability and suicidal behaviors and evaluate the effects of […]

Reaching the final straw: Shedding light on alarming suicide trends and perceptions impacting women, girls, and young people stuck in limbo in Northwest Syria

The majority of children and families in Northwest Syria have been displaced from their homes during the conflict. The 9,000 square kilometre area houses more than 2.87 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), 63% of whom still reside in overcrowded camps. The more than 1.7 million girls and boys in Northwest Syria are particularly prone to health outbreaks – much […]

Investigating cognitive control and cognitive emotion regulation in Iranian depressed women with suicidal ideation or suicide attempts

Objective This study compared cognitive control (working memory, interference control, perseveration) and cognitive emotion regulation among Iranian women with depression who had attempted suicide, had only suicidal ideation, and healthy controls. Method Participants (N = 75) completed a clinical interview, cognitive control tasks, and the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire. Results Those with suicidal ideation or previous attempts […]

Suicidal ideation and attempt among North Korean refugee women in South Korea: Factors that distinguish suicide attempt from suicidal ideation

Background North Korean Refugee Women (NKRW) are at a high risk for suicide. However, few studies have examined risk factors for suicide among NKRW in South Korea. This study aimed to examine factors increasing risk for suicidal ideation and to identify factors differentiating suicide attempt from ideation among NKRW in South Korea. Methods A sample […]

Potential paths to suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among high-risk women

Although men are more likely to die by suicide, women experience a greater and more rapidly increasing rate of suicidal ideation (SI) and are 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than men. Despite this increased risk, little is known about factors that contribute to SI or suicide attempts (SA) among women. We examined factors associated with […]

Adverse childhood experiences among women prisoners: Relationships to suicide attempts and drug abuse

Background: Women prisoners are known to suffer from an accumulation of factors known to increase the risk for several major health problems. This study examines the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and the relationship between such experiences and suicide attempts and drug use among incarcerated women in Norway. Methods: A total of 141 women […]

Factors associated with self-burning among women in reproductive age of Ilam: A case-control study in a western part of Iran

Objective Self-burning is one way that some people choose to commit suicide, and it has been seen in many nations. This problem is considered as an uncommon method in developed countries and a common method of suicide in developing countries. The present study aimed to identify the factors associated with self-burning among Iranian women in […]

Suicide completion among incarcerated women

Little is known about factors that contribute to suicide completion among women who are incarcerated. The current study used data from the National Violent Death Reporting System to examine contributing factors for 176 suicide deaths from 2003 to 2015 in 21 states among women who were incarcerated. Common circumstances for suicide completion included mental health […]

Why are women more likely to attempt suicide than men? Analysis of lifetime suicide attempts among US adults in a nationally representative sample

Objective While it is well-known that women are more likely to attempt suicide than men, little is known about risk and protective factors underlying this difference. Methods Using data from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions Wave III (NESARC-III), we compared women and men with and without self-reported lifetime suicide attempts to identify sociodemographic, […]

Preventing suicide among women veterans: Gender-sensitive, trauma-informed conceptualization

Purpose of Review There is growing concern regarding suicide among women veterans, who have experienced an increase in suicide rates that has exceeded that reported for other US adult populations. Recent research has bolstered understanding of correlates of suicide risk specific to women veterans. Yet most existing suicide prevention initiatives take a gender-neutral, rather than […]