Correlates of suicide risk among Black and White adults with behavioral health disorders in criminal-legal systems

Background Adults with behavioral health disorders in criminal-legal systems are at heightened risk of suicide relative to the general population. Despite documented racial disparities in criminal processing and behavioral health treatment, few studies have examined racial differences in suicide risk in this already high-risk population. This study examined 1) the correlates of suicide risk in […]

Ecological factors associated with suicide mortality among non-Hispanic whites

Background In this paper, we examine the ecological factors associated with death rates from suicide in the United States in 1999 and 2017, a period when suicide mortality increased in the United States. We focus on Non-Hispanic Whites, who experienced the largest increase in suicide mortality. We ask whether variation in suicide mortality among commuting […]

Boys don’t cry? Critical phenomenology, self-harm, and suicide

In this article I argue that critical phenomenology, informed by critical race and intersectional scholarship, offers a useful lens through which to consider suicide and self-harm among men. To illustrate this, I draw on a narrative informed analysis of the accounts of 10 men who had experienced self-harm, read through Sara Ahmed‚Äôs queer phenomenology. Two […]

Hispanic Female Adolescents’ use of Illicit Drugs and the Risk of Suicidal Thoughts

The association between female adolescents in high school who use illicit drugs & seriously consider attempting suicide was examined. Data were analyzed from the 2003 Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System. Variables for suicidal thoughts, illicit drugs, & covariables were chosen to explore the association. Seriously considering attempting suicide was associated with Hispanics, suburban youth, use […]

Self-Destructive Behaviors in American Indian and Alaska Native High School Youth

Analysis of responses to 10,251 high school students surveyed in the 1997 National School-Based Youth Risk Survey indicated that American Indian & Alaska Native youths engaged more often in risk behaviours, including attempted suicide, than White or Black youths. The pattern of involvement in risk behaviour was different for youths from the three ethnic groups. […]

Suicide Ideation in the South African Police Services in the North West Province

This research examined the relationship between sense of coherence, job satisfaction, & suicide ideation among South African police personnel. The study population consisted of 120 police officers in the North West Province. The results show sense of coherence is related to suicide ideation in the case of white police officers. Sense of coherence & satisfaction […]

Explaining Suicide Among Blacks and Whites: how Socioeconomic Factors and gun Availability Affect Race-Specific Suicide Rates

Using suicide data from the Mortality Multiple Cause of Death Records & 2000 census data, the authors examined the roles of motivation & opportunity in shaping suicide rates among young white & young black males in American cities. Racial differences in the predictors of suicide were found, although concentrated disadvantage directly affects suicide among young […]

Race/Ethnicity and Potential Suicide Misclassification: Window on a Minority Suicide Paradox?

This cross-sectional study uses multiple cause-of-death data from the American National Center for Health Statistics to assess whether race/ethnicity, psychiatric comorbidity documentation, & other decedent characteristics were associated with differential potential for suicide misclassification. Subjects were 105,946 white, black, & Hispanic residents, age 15 & older, who died between 2003-2005 & whose deaths were classified […]

The Relation Between Physical Activity and Mental Health Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Adolescents

This study assessed the relation of physical activity with feelings of sadness & suicidal thoughts & behaviours among Hispanic & non-Hispanic white adolescents. 1870 Texas adolescents, ages 14-18, attending high school in Neuces County participated. More boys reported participating in physical activity than girls & more girls than boys reported feelings of sadness & considering […]

Civic Community and Nonmetropolitan White Suicide

This study analysed whether white suicide rates are lower where civic participation is strong & where a strong social institutional structure exists. Negative binominal regression analyses of race/sex/age disaggregated suicide regressed on indices of civic community are conducted for a sample of more than 1400 American nonmetropolitan counties. White male & female suicide rates are […]

The Moderating Effects of Parenting Styles on African-American and Caucasian Children’s Suicidal Behaviors

The moderating effects of parenting styles on depressed & aggressive children’s suicidal behaviour, including ideation & attempts, were evaluated in 172 children, 6-12 years of age, admitted for acute psychiatric inpatient care. Hierarchical regression analyses revealed that, controlling for age & gender, children who endorsed more depressive symptoms or reactive aggression reported more current & […]

Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, gay, and Bisexual Young Adults

Quantitative scales were developed to assess retrospectively in young adults the frequency of parental & caregiver reactions to a lesbian, gay, or bisexual orientation during adolescence. The survey was administered to a sample of 224 white & Latino young adults, aged 21-25. Higher rates of family rejection were significantly associated with poorer health outcomes. On […]

Discrepant Comorbidity Between Minority and White Suicides: a National Multiple Cause-of-Death Analysis


Predictors of Multiple Suicide Attempts Among Suicidal Black Adolescents


Racial Differences in Suicidality in an Older Urban Population

This study used epidemiological data of older African Americans & Caucasians living in Brooklyn, New York to compare those factors associated with active or passive suicide ideation in each group. Using 1990 census data, a sample of 214 whites & 860 blacks was assembled. Whites reported higher prevalence than blacks for current suicidality & lifetime […]

Integration-Regulation and Rural Suicide: a Test of Three Alternative Models


Stemming the Tide of Suicide in Older White Men: a Call to Action

This article provides a brief review of the underrecognized reality of suicide in older men. Prevention strategies are discussed that, if implemented, might help stem the high rate of suicide in this population. (119 refs.)

Mid-Life Suicide. An Increasing Problem in U.S Whites, 1999-2005


Racial Disparities in Mental Health Service use by Adolescents who Thought About or Attempted Suicide


Depression and Suicidal Ideation in African American and Caucasian Students

In a sample of 52 high school students and 81 college students, scores on the Beck Depression Inventory and current suicidal ideation were associated with high school versus college status but not with gender or race.

Cultural Diversity and Suicide: Ethnic, Religious, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Perspectives

This book is intended for clinicians & researchers who want to increase their consideration of cultural issues when working with suicidal clients or doing research in this area. The introduction discusses how culture affects suicide, suicide throughout history, definitions, risk indicators, assessment, prevention, crisis intervention, & counselling & psychotherapeutic approaches. The remaining chapters in the […]

Lay Theories of Suicide: an Examination of Culturally Relevant Suicide Beliefs and Attributions Among African Americans and European Americans

This study examines African Americans’ lay beliefs & attributions towards suicide. Questionnaires were administered to 251 undergraduates. Beliefs about stigma associated with suicide were comparable across ethnic groups. However, African American students were significantly less likely than European American students were to attribute suicide to interpersonal problems & to report the individual or government is […]

Racial Differences in Hopelessness as a Risk Factor for a Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempt

Data from a case-control study of nearly lethal suicide attempts within Harris County, Texas were analyzed. Interaction results from logistic regression suggest the effect of hopelessness on a nearly lethal suicide attempt may differ for black & white Americans. Hopelessness was strongly associated with a nearly lethal suicide attempt for both groups, but the odds […]