“I honestly would not have known what to do”: An exploratory study of perspectives among client suicide among vocational rehabilitation support staff

Despite the high prevalence of suicide both overall and among people with disabilities in particular, little research has explored suicide in the context of the vocational rehabilitation (VR) system or in counseling support staff in general. We analyzed the responses of 14 VR support staff who responded to an open-ended qualitative prompt regarding their experiences […]

Experience, knowledge, and perceived comfort and clinical competency in working with suicidal clients among vocational rehabilitation counselors

Despite the well-documented elevated rates of suicidality among people with disabilities, no published research has examined rehabilitation counselors’ experiences or perceived competency in suicide assessment or intervention. In the present study, we surveyed 223 vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors from state VR offices in eight states regarding their experiences with, knowledge of, and perceived comfort with […]

Experiences with and knowledge of non-suicidal self-injury in vocational rehabilitation support staff

This study examined experiences with and knowledge of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) among a multistate sample of 111 vocational rehabilitation (VR) support staff. Over 80% of support staff reported working with clients who had expressed thoughts or behaviors related to NSSI, with over 15% doing so at least once a month. However, only about a quarter […]