Interpersonal violence victimization and suicidal ideation: An examination in criminal offenders

Background: Offenders are at elevated risk for interpersonal violence victimization (IVV), which is a risk factor for suicide-related outcomes in some populations, suggesting the importance of examining risk associated with IVV in offenders. Aims: The present study examined the association between IVV and suicidal ideation (SI) among criminal offenders in a pretrial jail diversion program in the […]

An exploratory analysis of violent offending and the acquired capability for suicide in male prisoners

Recently, the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide has offered some understanding as to why inmates are at a disproportionately high risk to die by suicide. The present study was designed to investigate how one aspect of the theory, the acquired capability for suicide, may differ between prison inmates with violent offenses versus those without. Data from […]

Association of cumulative childhood adversity and adolescent violent offending with suicide in early adulthood.

Objective  To examine whether adolescent violent offending mediates the association between CA and suicide in early adulthood. Design, Setting, and Participants  This population-based, longitudinal cohort study with a follow-up time spanning 5 to 9 years included 476 103 individuals born in Sweden between 1984 and 1988. The study population was prospectively followed up from 20 years of age […]

Parental psychiatric disease and risks of attempted suicide and violent criminal offending in offspring: A population-based cohort study.

RESULTS We examined 1 743 525 cohort members (48.7% female; total follow-up, 27.2 million person-years). Risks for offspring suicide attempt and violent offending were elevated across virtually the full spectrum of parental psychiatric disease. Incidence rate ratios were the most elevated for parental diagnoses of antisocial personality disorder (suicide attempt, 3.96; 95% CI, 3.72-4.21; violent […]