Self-healing communities: A transformational process model for improving intergenerational health.

Key Findings Over 10 to 15 years in Cowlitz Co., Wash.: Births to teen mothers went down 62% and infant mortality went down 43%; Youth suicide and suicide attempts went down 98%; Youth arrests for violent crime dropped 53%; High school dropout rates decreased by 47%; Similar results were seen in other counties. Contact us […]

The association between bankruptcy and hospital-presenting suicide: A record linkage study.


Case Series of Completed Suicides by Burning Over a 13-Year Period

The death records of the King County Medical Examiner’s Office in Washington State from 1996-2009 were examined. 25 cases of suicide by burning were identified & used to characterize decedent demographics, circumstances of death, & motivating factors. Compared to other methods of suicide, burning demonstrated a significant overrepresentation of decedents who were women, 40-59 years […]

Washington State’s Plan for Youth Suicide Prevention


History of Abuse and Current Suicidal Ideation: Results From a Population Based Survey

The relationship between a history of physical or sexual abuse & current suicide ideation was examined in a total sample of 4,081 adults in Washington state. 1,058 indicated they had experienced either physical or sexual abuse before the age of 18, 52 indicated they had experienced physical abuse in the past 12 months, & 210 […]

Empirical Support for an Evolutionary Model of Self-Destructive Motivation


Suicide in Spokane County


Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program. Summary of Activities 1997-1999


Youth Suicide Prevention Program. Annual Evaluation Report 2001-2002. Evaluation of Program Training Workshops


Youth Suicide Prevention Plan for Washington State. Executive Summary


The Aurora Bridge

This brief article discusses a barrier to be built on the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, Washington. This bridge has been the site of 230 suicides since 1932. (11 refs.)

Suicide Rates in the Washington State Veteran Population

This article compares suicide rates among veterans & nonveterans in Washington State. The number of suicides were obtained from the Washington State Department of Health for 2000-2006. Rates were not calculated for women because there were few suicides in the veteran group. Suicide rates for male veterans, aged 18-44, fluctuated from a a high of […]

Northwest Suicide Prevention Tribal Action Plan: a Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Tribes of Idaho, Oregon and Washington 2009-2013

This document outlines a strategy to reduce suicide rates among American Indians & Alaska Natives living in the Pacific Northwest by increasing tribal capacity & improving collaboration. The primary goals of the plan are to: increase knowledge & awareness about suicide & in doing so take steps to address the stigma that exists in many […]

A Survey of the Characteristics of Suiciding Callers to a Suicide Prevention Center

This report discusses a study in which suicides reported by the King County, Washington coroner in 1978-1979 were compared with callers to the Crisis Clinic, Inc. to determine the number of suicides among those callers within one year of contact with the crisis service. Of a total of 344 King County deaths by suicide, seven […]

Suicide Attempts Among Patients Starting Depression Treatment With Medications or Psychotherapy

Outpatients claims from a prepaid health plan were used to identify new episodes of depression treatment beginning with an antidepressant prescription in primary care, an antidepressant prescription from a psychiatrist, or an initial psychotherapy visit. Outpatient & inpatient claims were used to identify suicide attempts or possible suicide attempts during the 90 days before & […]

Psychiatric Risk Factors Associated With Postpartum Suicide Attempt in Washington State, 1992-2001


Healing Fractured Families: Parents’ and Elders’ Perspectives on the Impact of Colonization and Youth Suicide Prevention in a Pacific Northwest American Indian Tribe

Data were collected from focus groups with 40 American Indian parents & from individual interviews with 9 American Indian elders. The major task participants addressed was holding the family together & healing intergenerational pains. Topics parents discussed were holding onto cultural values, holding the family together, getting through school, & getting a job. These findings […]

Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program: Evaluation of Community Networks in Eight Washington Counties

In 2004 data were gathered via telephone interviews with 44 representatives from 8 Washington counties in an assessment of key factors associated with successful suicide prevention networks & recommendations for improving & sustaining these efforts. 88% of informants from successful counties & 45% from less successful counties reported the existence of an organized youth suicide […]

Prevention Works! A Report of Activities, 1999-2004

This report details the activities & accomplishments of the Youth Suicide Prevention Program in Washington state during the period 1999-2004.

Hotel Room Suicide


Development of a Comprehensive Suicide Protocol in a Home Health Care and Social Services Agency

With the increase in the occurrence of suicide in the home health care setting, recognizing the symptoms of suicidal ideation and providing appropriate intervention are necessities. Many times the need for policies and procedures or protocols is recognized by clinicians and is brought to first-level supervisors for resolution. This article provides a model to help […]

Adverse Perinatal Outcomes and Risk for Postpartum Suicide Attempt in Washington State, 1987-2001


Views on Euthanasia