A population-wide analysis of the familial risk of suicide in Utah, USA

BackgroundThe degree to which suicide risk aggregates in US families is unknown. The authors aimed to determine the familial risk of suicide in Utah, and tested whether familial risk varies based on the characteristics of the suicides and their relatives.
MethodsA population-based sample of 12 160 suicides from 1904 to 2014 were identified from[…]

Adverse childhood experiences, suicidal/self-harming thoughts, and suicide attempts among LGB and heterosexual Utahns

Current research suggests that sexual minorities living in Utah may be at higher risk for experiencing suicidal/self-harming thoughts and suicide attempts than heterosexuals in Utah. However, to date no research has been conducted examining potential reasons sexual minorities living in Utah may be at higher risk. Using two representative samples of Utahns, we examine (a)[…]

Getting to tomorrow: Addressing suicide in Utah and the mountain states

Since the turn of the millennium, suicide has been on the rise nationally. However, suicide rates differ significantly from state to state. And from a regional perspective, some of the highest rates are in the Mountain States, a grouping that includes Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada and Wyoming. Of these states, all[…]

Genome-wide significant regions in 43 Utah high-risk families implicate multiple genes involved in risk for completed suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Although environment has undeniable impact, evidence suggests that genetic factors play a significant role in completed suicide. We linked a resource of ~ 4500 DNA samples from completed suicides obtained from the Utah Medical Examiner to genealogical records and medical records data available on[…]

Suicide in the Mountain West Region of the United States.

Background: The Mountain West region of the United States consistently reports the highest rates of suicide in the country. This pattern could reflect a regional culture-of-suicide script in support of suicide that implicitly influences individual’s behavior. Aims: The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether suicide rates are elevated in the Mountain West across a wide[…]

Utah Youth Suicide Study: Barriers to Mental Health Treatment for Adolescents


Suicide Rates and Religious Commitment in Young Adult Males in Utah

This report examines Utah suicide rates for young men aged 15-34 years stratified by their membership in & commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Using high religious commitment as a reference group, the less-active group had relative risks of suicide ranging from 3.28 (ages 15-19 years) to 7.64 (ages 25-29 years);[…]

Voices of Hope: Teen Suicide in Utah

This guide offers information on how start a conversation with a friend, parent, or child about suicide & mental illness. A number of questions about these subjects are included as are steps in getting help for an adolescent who may be at risk. A bibliography lists helping agencies & programmes in Utah.

Utah Suicide Prevention Plan


Utah Youth Suicide Study, Phase 1: Government Agency Contact Before Death