Sources of Strength: Facilitators Guide. Suicide Prevention – Peer Gatekeeper Curriculum

This document is the facilitator’s guide for peer gatekeeper training. The training is designed for peer leaders from middle school to college. This program has three phases – the associated activities for each are included in the guide: peer gatekeeper training; peer-to-peer education; & ongoing focused teen-led prevention.

Suicide in North Dakota: a Dialogue Across State and Tribal Boundaries (Policy Brief #3 North Dakota State and Tribal Health Policy Forums)

This policy brief outlines factors associated with suicide including mental illness, barriers to help, substance abuse, violence, & historical trauma. Suicide trends in North Dakota are discussed as is the cost of suicide (in 1997, the estimated cost of recorded suicide attempts was over $6.4 million). Suicide prevention strategies are described including increased support for […]

Psychotherapy for Bulimia Nervosa Delivered via Telemedicine

The overall purpose of this study was to see if psychotherapy can be delivered effectively via telemedicine, & if such administration is acceptable to patients. This trial evolved out of growing concerns that manual-based psychotherapies for various psychiatric conditions are not widely available, particularly to people in rural areas. Some of the practical aspects of […]

Suicide by North Dakota Children, Teenagers and Young Adults: the North Dakota Response

An Epidemiologic Study of Suicide Among Farmers and its Clinical Implications

This study analyzes farmers & family, from Minnesota, Montana, South & North Dakota & Wisconscin, whose cause of death was listed as suicide on their death certificates. From 1986 to 1988, 499 suicides occurred, with the highest rates in South Dakota. Rates are given by state, gender, age, marital status, race, time of suicide, method […]

Bismarck’s Suicide Prevention Service

The Bismark suicide prevention center operates a 24-hr telephone service from the psychiatric unit of St. Alexius hospital. The crisis line is manned by the psychiatric nursing staff & provides immedicate help in the prevention of suicide. The center can make arrangements for immediate psychiatric help, either on an outpatient basis or by admission to […]

Suicide Prevention and Psychiatric Emergency Service

Bismarck’s suicide prevention centre is located in the psychiatric unit of St. Alexius Hospital. Telephone lines are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by psychiatric nurses who incorporate this service into their regular nursing functions & are assisted by psychiatrists, interns & others who serve as consultants or referral sources. This article […]

Providing Community Consultation in a Reservation Setting