Association of weekly suicide rates with temperature anomalies in two different climate types

Annual suicide deaths outnumber the total deaths from homicide and war combined. Suicide is a complex behavioral endpoint, and a simple cause-and-effect model seems highly unlikely, but relationships with weather could yield important insight into the biopsychosocial mechanisms involved in suicide deaths. This study has been designed to test for a relationship between air temperature […]

Regional Differences in Alcohol and Fatal Injury: a Comparison of Data From two County Coroners

This study analyzed alcohol in fatalites in Hinds County, Mississippi (a dry county) compared to Contra Costa County, California (a wet county). Data on all unnatural deaths during a 1-year period among those 18 years & older were abstracted from county coroner’s files. 222 cases in Hinds County & 304 cases in Contra Costa County […]

No-suicide Agreements: High School Students’ Perspectives

To examine the perspectives of high school students regarding no-suicide agreements, 96 high school students were randomly assigned to read a vignette about the use of therapy in conjunction with a no-suicide agreement in the case of a 15-year-old suicidal adolescent, & to rate their attitudes toward the intervention. Overall, students were more positive toward […]

Suicide and Gambling: an Analysis of Suicide Rates in U.S. Counties and Metropolitan Areas

See SIEC #1997-1273 for reference to the Phillips et al study.

An Investigation of the Grief Counseling Services Available in the Middle Schools and High Schools in the State of Mississippi

This article reports survey results of 233 school guidance counselors, 42% of whom reported that grief counseling services were available in their schools. This 1993 study also determined if such services were initiated by a specific death, if services were ongoing, & the primary provider of services. Findings indicate there is a real need for […]

U.S. Justice Department’s Investigation of Jail Suicides in Mississippi: a Status Report

In March 1994 Jones County, Mississippi (MISS) signed a consent decree with the U.S. Justice Department requiring a dramatic upgrading of jail conditions. The jail was 1 of 18 MISS jails investigated for grossly substandard living conditions & inadequate jail suicide prevention procedures, This report details the investigations & summarizes remedial measures. The state’s largest […]

Jail Suicide Update

This technical journal, published quarterly, provides information on developments in the field of jail suicide prevention. The Spring issue (Volume 5 No.4) contains 3 articles: 1) U.S. Justice Department’s Investigation of Jail Suicides in Mississippi: A Status Report (SIEC AN 940274); 2) American Indian Suicidal Behavior in Detention Environments: Cause for Continued Basic & Applied […]

Jail Suicide in Mississipi

In May 1993, the US Justice Department began an investigation of 18 city & county jails in Mississippi. The focus of the study was suicide prevention procedures & included on-site inspections, critiques of jail procedures, reviews of suicide incident reports, & staff & inmate interviews. All of the jails were required to develop & implement […]

Co-Occurrence of Substance Use and Loneliness as a Risk Factor for Adolescent Hopelessness

This research among 1,915 Mississippi adolescents investigated whether lonely adolescents who use illicit substances were at increased risk of hopelessness. Lonely, substance-using adolescents were 25 times more likely to be severely hopeless than the reference group of non-substance using, not-lonely adolescents. Because hopelessness often is an indicator of suicidal behaviour, these results may have important […]

Death by Choice?

An awareness of suicide as a medical problem is necessary if any sort of preventive measures are to be effected. Though it is extremely difficult to prevent the suicide of a person determined to take his own life, the physician has better opportunities than anyone else to recognize the potentially suicidal individual. Treatment that the […]

Suicide Prevention and Suicidal Behavior (Micro HV 6545 S38 1971)

A study of the effectiveness of suicide prevention centres; firstly by interviewing clients to discover their expectations when calling a suicide prevention centre and secondly by discussing the expectations of the therapists involved with suicidal patients. (KB)

Four-Year Follow-Up of Veterans Treated on a Small Alcoholism Treatment Ward

A 4-year follow-up of veteran’s treated on a small alcoholism ward revealed that only 16% of those who completed treatment had no further drinking incidents reported on their V.A. records.